Come On

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I’ve never officially chosen a word of the year to start my new year, and I really thought I had my word for 2021 nailed down until just a few days ago. I had been reading the book of Psalms for a few weeks and every time the word lovingkindness would appear, it would just leap off the page and I would marvel at the fact that it is one word. The word is of course in reference to God’s lovingkindness, and I kept thinking how I wanted to make it my focus for the next year after the brutal political bloodshed of this past year. I envisioned myself being more loving and kind in the year to come, and that is always something I aspire to, but God had another word in mind for me. The lovingkindness I was dreaming of, that I’m so attracted to, is God’s lovingkindness, and let’s be honest, I can’t live up to that. I definitely aspire to be more loving and more kind; I don’t want to put any more toxic energy into the universe, however my focus word for this year will be “come on”. Not in the connotation of “are you freaking kidding me”, rather in the connotation of “let’s do this”. Come on, it’s yours for the taking. Come on, I’ve given you everything you need to be all that I’ve called you to be, so come on and let’s do this.

I don’t know what this new year holds, but one thing I’ve learned in 2020 is that I may not always be able to rejoice in the circumstances around me, but I can always rejoice in my Lord and Savior, the God of the universe, who created Heaven and Earth, and is with me in the light as well as in the darkness. I can rejoice in the knowledge that nothing can separate me from the love of God, and that I am NEVER alone. This journey may be difficult at times, but it is leading me to heavenly places where one day I will be clothed in white, and experience the fullness of God in the place He has prepared for me and ALL who believe in Jesus. So come on, come on, come on; let’s do this, let’s live in the fullness of His grace; let’s say yes and amen to everything God has for us. The future is unknown, but the love of God for you and for me is certain. Come on, Come On, COME ON!!! Come on… We have seen that the land is very good. Aren’t you going to do something? Don’t hesitate to go there and take it over… God has put into your hands, a land that lacks nothing whatever. Judges 18:9-10. Come on.

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