Giving it to God

For the space I have, it seems like I have a lot of stuff. In fact, there is so much stuff that I don’t even know where to put it all. There is stuff behind stuff, and stuff on top of stuff, and it’s really quite overwhelming.

This book shelf in my “treehouse” is a prime example of the type of clutter I’ve let pile up. There are things on that shelf that I haven’t even looked at in years; things that honestly need to either be donated or thrown away. I think I even see a notebook from college (I graduated in 1997). The clutter up here is the very reason I don’t invite people into my treehouse very often. I love my treehouse and I’d love to sit and visit with friends up there, but this clutter is holding me back. Thankfully, deep cleaning is a work in progress and this bookshelf, and any other clutter in my home doesn’t have to stay like that; I just have to commit in my heart to take the time to do something about it, and make the room what I want it to be.

The same can be said about our relationships with God. When our hearts and minds are so full of clutter that we can’t even make room for Him, it’s time to commit in our hearts to do some deep internal cleansing. I pray and say, “I want more of You God”, but if I ‘m not willing to give Him my problems, to lay it all at His feet, if I’m still trying to work things out in my own strength, then my heart is just as cluttered as this messy bookshelf. In order to make room for God, we have to let go of our hidden yuck. Hidden yuck is simply the hidden things your are clinging to so tightly, like the hidden worry about your family or finances or health, whatever you are worrying about that consumes your thoughts and keeps you occupied; hidden insecurities that cripple you and prevent you from fulfilling your destiny because you listen to the wrong voices; hidden unforgiveness that you are holding onto because you are not ready to let go and move on from the pain; hidden sin in the form of that little something you do that you know God has convicted you about, but you just haven’t made yourself turn away from it yet. God wants you to trust Him with all of it so you can stop fighting battles, and just rest in His peace. Only then can you truly be open to hear God’s voice, and open to fulfilling your destiny.

This morning that bookshelf was a hot mess, but I committed in my heart that I would clean that one set of shelves today. I was tired when I came home, it has been a long week and I would have loved to have plopped down on the sofa and watch TV, but I remembered that I had committed in my heart to clean that set of shelves, so I drug myself upstairs and worked until it was done.

I threw some things away, I set some things aside to donate, and I sent the trophies and plaques that didn’t even belong to me out. My bookshelf was loaded down with things that didn’t even belong to me. This makes me wonder how much of my heart is loaded down with burdens that don’t belong to me. How many battles are you fighting because you aren’t willing to let go and trust God. When we give it to God, He fights our battles for us. I’m letting go of all the internal clutter; I’m giving it to God so He can fight my battles while I rest in His peace. Tomorrow I’m going to work on my treehouse some more, and God is going to help me continue with the process of deep cleaning me. What an exciting journey.

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