My Treehouse

This is my “treehouse”. Okay, it’s not really a treehouse, it’s a loft above our gameroom, but it’s my personal treehouse in that it offers an escape from the rest of the world. I come up here to write, to sew, to pray, to read, and sometimes just to sit in silence. I’m sharing a picture of my treehouse because it’s the perfect place to begin with hidden yuck.

This room is the only room up this flight of stairs; it’s tucked away and hidden, and I’m basically the only person who uses it. Anyone looking up this flight of stairs in passing sees what looks like a nice tidy room. Everything that can be seen from the bottom of the stairs looks clean and orderly, but anyone who walks up the stairs and into my treehouse need only to look to the right and to the back, to quickly spy some of the hidden yuck. I say some of the hidden yuck because there is hidden yuck behind the hidden yuck, things I’ve forgotten are even there. Because no one else uses this room, I don’t take much care in actually deep cleaning it.

Have you ever decided to deep clean and the more you cleaned, the more you realized how much hidden yuck there is? Behind every item there is dust and sometimes even a dead bug or two. Is it even worth the effort to deep clean? I mean who is ever going to see any deeper than what’s on the surface anyway? All that matters it that when people see your home is that it looks and smells clean; nobody is going to look in your closets or under your bed or behind your sofa right? The problem with just surface cleaning is that even if no one else is looking in those hidden places, you know there is hidden yuck and this hidden yuck affects how you feel about your place. When people come over, you say something like, “Please excuse the mess.” and they say, “What mess?” You know what mess and you fell self conscious about it, and in your mind, it devalues your place.

It’s the same with our person. We shower, comb our hair, brush our teeth, put on nice clothes, and maybe even some make up or perfume before we face the world. On the surface, we look fresh and clean, and when people see us they say, “Oh, you look so nice today.” Complements on our outward appearance are always nice, but if we have hidden yuck on the inside, that hidden yuck makes it difficult to see our own value.

Deep cleaning is hard, and it’s a never ending process, and if you don’t set your resolve, you may just give up and live with your mess, and never feel your true worth. Truly though, you are worth the effort, and I am worth the effort, so lets dive into the spiritual value of deep cleaning, of getting into the hidden places in our hearts and finding the hidden pain, the hidden lies we’ve believed, the hidden self doubt, the hidden sin, and any other hidden yuck that may be lurking deep inside making us feel we are not enough.

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