This is Me

People say God works in mysterious ways, and I’m here to tell you He really does. Recently I prayed and asked God to shake me and essentially clean me on the inside, and remove any hidden yuck. Oddly enough, God has used cleaning to speak to me about the importance of finding the hidden yuck, getting rid of it, and keeping it from infiltrating my life again. The idea of hidden yuck was sparked when my niece Soleil was little. She saw a man she didn’t want to be around, and she said to my brother, “He’s yucky Daddy.” Small children don’t make those judgments based on outward appearance; she saw the yuck that was on the inside. This phrase has stuck with me for years, and I often tell God that I don’t want to be yucky. God is continually working on me, and He is showing me the hidden yuck, and teaching me about deep cleaning. The purpose of this blog is to dive into the spiritual value of deep cleaning, of getting into the hidden places and finding the hidden pain, hidden lies, hidden self doubt, hidden sin, and any other hidden yuck that may be lurking deep inside making us feel like we’re are not enough.

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